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Founded in July 2007, Instant Serials offers a creative way to connect with the people you know, by sharing a good story as it unfolds.

The company creates and presents serialized literature written and illustrated for a general audience. Serials tell a story over a period of time in successive parts, a format ideal for sharing. During the pauses and breaks between installments, lively conversations can occur.

The company develops technology that facilitates sharing with its serial format, streaming delivery, and the serialization of group connections. Instant Serials, the product, is made up of original writing, paintings and illustrations, site functions and applications.

Instant Serials Inc. operates in affiliation with Breakfast Serials Inc, a publisher of serialized literature.

Beta testing of Instant Serials’ patent pending service began on January 10, 2010.

The Mission

The mission of Instant Serials is to make reading, which is so often a solitary pastime, a social one as well. Our online tools enable anyone to schedule the pace of an unfolding story for group engagement. Subscribers decide how much of the story to share at a time, and when to do so. These decisions influence the flow of reading and conversation.

People use Instant Serials to socialize with friends, to connect with family, or work together with peer groups and classmates. We make it easy to move between the story world and a group’s reactions, thoughts and ideas.


All members of the Instant Serials team are highly experienced in their respective fields, and these fields are critical to the company’s technology driven strategies. Instant Serials core operations are intentionally maintained by a small staff; other functions are outsourced to mobilize complementary capabilities and ensure flexibility.
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